The brick is an item that can be found in Desert, Spring, Winter and City (Technically). This can be used to block or trap items and spawns. This is one of the more playful items of

the bricc


These are the spawns for the brick:


The desert has 2 spawns, up on the floating platforms. You have to grapple your way to get it or you can just use the Jetpack.


The spring has also 2 spawns for it. But its on the "roof" of the map. You will have to grapple to get up there as there is no jetpack or just breakthrough the platforms.


The winter map has one spawn in it, at the top right corner. You need to grapple to get it.


The city technically has the brick in it. There are no spawns for it but the buildings and the bridge has the text for the bridge.

Trapping and Trolling

The Icon

Trapping and Trolling may be fun for you doing the troll but it may not for the person your trapping


Trolling is not fun for the people and they do not like it unless they are doing it.


When your using the bricks to trap spawns (except for the desert far right and left spawns) they cannot escape unless they rejoin or wait until the match ends.


If your trapping items such as the shotgun, and rocket launcher people may get mad but not as mad as being trapped in a spawn.


If you are breaking someones hard work, they may get sad or angry. Using the rocket launcher to destroy the bricks is a way to destroy stuff including peoples hard word. You are not acknowledging their work, You just hate it, unless they trapped themselves.


Trapping yourself is not a good strategy unless you have agreed with other people not to break the bricks or just a peace treaty. Even if you do not do it, it is not a good strategy.

Here is a list:

  1. You won't win in Death Match
  2. You lower your chances of winning in Team Death Match
  3. If it is a team based game-mode, you are not helping them or doing any teamwork.
  4. You may get bored
  5. You may get kicked for not moving
  6. If it is only 1 block thick and your right against the wall, you could die as you can shoot through them.

So those are some reasons


In conclusion, the brick can give you happiness or sadness depending on how you or other people abuse or use this item.

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