Welcome to the wiki. You need to read this before making anything in the wiki.

FAQ[edit | edit source]

What can I do here ?[edit | edit source]

In this wiki, you can add some things about the game... but only about the Kugeln.io game.

I want to become part of community. What I need to do?[edit | edit source]

  1. Contact one of our members.
  2. Say something like "Hello, here, (your name in the game), want to become a member of the community. Please accept me. Thank you for understanding.
  3. Normally, someone of the community will see the message. He can accept or refuse.

The wiki talks other languages than english?[edit | edit source]

Well, some members can speak a bit of french, spanish, russian, etc. But do not write an article with other language (see below). There is a little wiki in Spanish called "La Kugeln.io Wiki".

Instructions to follow[edit | edit source]

We want peace in the wiki. That's why we add instructions. It's for the visitors and the members of the wiki.

No insults[edit | edit source]

Insults are not a good thing to say. So please do not say: f***, b****, etc. At minimum you will be blocked if you say something like that. More the worst, more the longer.

Do not make fun of someone[edit | edit source]

Making fun of someone is disrespectful. So please do not make fun of other people. If you do that you will have your account blocked for 1 week, again, more the worst, more the longer. If you are a member of the community, you won't edit for a month.

Saying personal information of someone[edit | edit source]

This is really prohibited! If someone makes the things below, he will get a blocking punishment bigger than 2 weeks.

  • Saying password
  • Saying real name
  • Saying city
  • Saying real age

Saying incorrect words/phrases[edit | edit source]

Saying incorrect words/phrases is not tolerated in the wiki.

  • Example: ;D: Warning, then 15 Days of block
  • Bad Propaganda: Warning, then 1 month of block, or even 3 years of block or refused from the wiki.
  • False Things: Warning.
  • Spam: Will be refused from the wiki.
  • Sexual phrases: Will be refused from the wiki.
  • Writing an article in other language: Only English. No french, italian, chinese, etc. Warning then 15 days or 1 month. If do want to write an article in other language you can create you own Kugeln.io Wiki (in ther language you want) or (in Spanish) join "La Kugeln.io Wiki"
  • Talking about other things than the game (other memes, uninteresting things, etc.): Warning, then 6 months of block.
  • Vandalising: Will be refused from the wiki.

We know that the instructions are too harsh, but this is for our own good.

Recommendations and advices[edit | edit source]

  • Overwhelmed? Just try to talk respectfully and focus on Kugeln.io. That is basically this stuff.
  • Probably you may not be punished but always be good.
  • Have a good editing and see you! -The community
  • Now, you can go here for Kugeln.io articles.
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