A player that misunderstood by mostly everyone.

His tactits are perfect.Everyone would know him for that. Amputating his self-engagement in qualifying, he knows all of them by himself.

He is accustomed to the Desert Map and mostly played in Capture The Flag. His play style involved taking hold of the flag at the very start, and from then, he tended to drag out games until the very end of the four minutes with no winner. His play style changed to what is accepted by many an experienced player as the "correct" way to play, when in front of a group of players,Empire 304-icon.png Empire_304 exposed Jonas to be a person who had not signed in and used this to intentionally ruin games for other people while not being able to get hate messages. Jonas promptly left the game, and two days later, he returned, just to just be another elusive figure in Kugeln.io


  • He has a Youtube channel named Caesar Yachi
  • He is pretty good player.It is hard to kill him.
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