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he is the best player ever he is the most awesome and the smartest player ever he never ever hacked everyone who calls him a hacker is just jealous of him jude is the creator of the game he is the best jude is god go worship him or he will banish u to the dephts of hell he is the most coollesrt person ever he has mastered the art of rope so much that he is confused to be a hacker he never swears he always has good maners he is trying his best to stop hackers and toxic idiots and sucees evry time he has a soft,kind and smart personality he is the best he is the coolesrt and the kindest his duty is to make hackers and toxic ppl know how dumb they are and he is the best btw so gud that he can walk on air and and is level is so high that u cant even sea it lol

he is a gud boi and always has gud maners he is always poolight and never curses at anyone and always reports bullys like S.Kostov when he sees them he has never hacked once and if you think he u r just a jealous noob lol

Jude isnt a hacker everyone but Jude/Bojack,Persia are not hacklers and Not_Hacking is a retarded hacker that is so noob he is the noobiest of the noobs noobs of the noobs

TL;DR jude is god he is the best and not a hacker

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