This is the old wiki. The community transitioned to the new one due to an excess amount of useless content on this wiki. Most alliances, events, and other community information is located here. This is the de facto main wiki until most important content is moved to the new wiki.

Guam's Letter


So this is Guam here, one of the original creators of this wiki.

And.... woah.

I was not expecting this to evolve from 15~ pages to more than a thousand!

So far, I can't join the game for some unknown reasons (I can log into my account and friend anyone though!).

I know I am ruining this page, but it seems theres a new separate wiki being created, so I don't think its that much of a problem.

Since I play the game wayy back from the beta test phase (2016, If i recall correctly), I`ll name off some of the best friends I knew at that time.

DoubleJ - the person that made me make an actual account, haven't seen him since. (QUIT?)

Jude - my 2nd ever friend that I met, last time I saw him on Discord was 1.5 years ago, and hes around 20 now, so... (QUIT)

Great_French_Emp ("French", now "Fran" on Discord) - the ACTUAL creator of this wiki, one of the best friends I had around. Still active on Discord. (QUIT)

Belarusballe (there were 2 accounts, I didn't friend the other one, pretty sure this is only Belarusball's friend) - he was the most popular countryball animator in the region i live in (ex-USSR), so I had lots of fun talking with him and the actual Belarusball (and fun fact, the actual Belarusball account was one of the first i've seen who was maxed out (level 99)!) (QUIT)

Nick_the_Greek - was on Discord for such a short time that I didn't get to talk with him there. He quit the game a long time ago, was a great friend. (QUIT)

Greatfire - probably one of the rarest friends i've actually seen online. Otherwise, another amazing friend. (I'm running out of words to say...) (QUIT)

Belgrade - can't remember alot about him, but probably was a great friend that didn't appear online that much. (QUIT)

Jowieeee - great friend, sadly quit in early 2016. (QUIT)

There are many more that I can name, but these were the main ones that I have friended still.

Another one that I can name though is Jwpro, who drew all of her friend list in 2017 (I sadly friended her a week after..)! (QUIT)

And final notes, yes, this is the same Guam that made half of this horrible article: History of countryballs (god I can't look at it..)

My main account on Kugeln is Guam, which I mainly use, and Guam2, if I can't log into my main one.

If you have any more questions, I'll answer them sometime!

- Guam/Guam2

GFE's letter

Hello, Great French Empire here. (I am the admin of the ex-wiki.)

I am so happy to see wiki getting remaked. This shows that community stills alive, and it's a real pleasure. I just want to see this game rising every days. For now, i can't really play on because of school, etc. I wish to the new wiki a big success.

If you want to contact me, send a DM in my account. Thank you for reading.

GFE. (4/3/21)

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