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What is Kugeln.io?

Kugeln.io is a GeErman online shooting game where the characters are Polandballs (also known as Countryballs). In Kugeln.io you need to kill all other players (or just your team rivals).

For getting levels, XP, friends, and other stuff (see Accounts) you'll have to connect to your Facebook or Google account.

The Skins are all the current countries, territories and some other entities (and some of them are locked and need levels) as well as free and locked accessories like helmets and eyewear.

Have a good game and have fun! :D

What are the countryballs?

The countryballs are geopolitical memes created on the later mid-2008. They consist of countries represented as their flag in balls (most of them). They were created on the /int/ section of the imageboard krautchan.net.

If you want to learn more about these clay, go here --> https://polandball.fandom.com/wiki/


  • The game may be laggy, especially if it's on high quality or if you choose a region other than yours.
  • There are two Poland skins, one correctly and the other one incorrectly (with real Polish flag, in the countryball world Poland is upside down). The wrong skin is called "Polandball", but the correct one is simply called "Ball", you may also get mixed up with "Indonesiaball" and especially "Monacoball" with them being basically the same as "Ball"
  • Some flags are erroneously portraited.
  • The games slogan is "a cute multiplayer shooter game"


Social Media

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Official Social Media

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Reporting Issues with the Game

To report issues with the game (such as players not being able to access a main match, hackers, or a server shut down), use this link: Game Issues Note Page. This page is created to report and bring attention to issues, primarily issues that potentially affect multiple players. Before creating an issue report, copy the proper format (format posted on the page) and then fill in information.

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