The Kugeln Dollar is a very good currency. You can buy Yum Yum Sand and Movie Tickets to see the Movie. The Kugeln dollar is used all through out the community. 1 Kugeln Dollar is = to 5 United States Dollar (USD) or 4.04 Pounds for British or 7.69 Australian Dollars or 8.20 New Zealand Dollars and finally it is worth 0.00303740 gold! There is also Kugeln Cent and Kugeln Microcent. Use them at the Store.

Credits to Faeyzaa for the art and stuff.

For more conversions go to Kugeln Dollar Conversions

Learn how to get Kugeln dollars:

Types of Kugeln Dollars[edit | edit source]

Kugeln Cent[edit | edit source]

Kugeln cent is a cent dollars, code the kugeln cent is:K$C

K: Kugeln, $:Dollars C:cent

some numbers like in this money:

  • 1 K$C
  • 2 K$C
  • 3 K$C
  • 4 K$C
  • 5 K$C
  • 7 K$C
  • 9 K$C
  • 10 K$C

now,we move to the:

Kugeln Notes/Paper[edit | edit source]

Kugeln Notes/Paper is a paper kugeln dollars, in countryballs,usualyl we wear hero of the countries for add in this money, example players who be this money paper:

1K$:Nonames (species)


5K$:Staxy Iceland

10K$:Rondam Deceiver


50K$: Moldovalla

unoffical money: bretttheboi dollar made by neutraljap





500K$:Jetpack 2 (Species) - Technically just Jetpack_2

Kugeln Microcent[edit | edit source]

Kugeln microcent is a cent dollars but this cent is 10x smaller than cent usual,code of kugeln dollar cent is:

K$MC= K,Kugeln $:Dollars M:Micro C:cent,example of numbers like in this money:

  • 1 K$MC
  • 2 K$MC
  • 3 K$MC
  • 4 K$MC
  • 5 K$MC
  • 6 K$MC
  • 7 K$MC
  • 8 K$MC
  • 9 K$MC
  • 10 K$MC
  • 20 K$MC
  • 50 K$MC
  • 100 K$MC
  • 200 K$MC
  • 500 K$MC
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