Magikarp4000 is a well known player in He started playing in early 2019, and has made many friends afterwards.

Many things have happened to him and he has been in many events.

Start[edit | edit source]

In sometime between January 2019 - April 2019 he started playing He did not play as a Poland-icon.png Noname in his first game; he played as Magikarp4000. His first friend and first pro that he met was Neutralswiss (quitted), then he started meeting many other people such as I h8 pakistan-icon.png I H8 Pakistan, Deeptoot, and Immortalgamer and more.

Signature Magikarp4000 things[edit | edit source]

These are things that Magikarp4000 says and most people know that that's what he says. They can also be used to identify him if he changed his name!

  • 'ggwp' at end of match

Magikarp4000 is the original person to say 'ggwp' at the end of matches in Ggwp means good game well played.

  • 'God mode A C T I V A T E'

When he goes into his signature God Mode, he says this.

They say this to each other when they see each other. This is because they both like Temmie from Undertale and Temmie says hoi!

Nasqr problem[edit | edit source]

In mid 2020, he met a player called Nasqr-icon.png Nasqr who was rude and toxic. He is actually BritishVDA, but no one knew that at the time. Nasqr-icon.png Nasqr was level 18 at the time, and kept calling Magikarp4000 a 'noob' and being rude. He would beat Magikarp4000, but Magikarp4000 would beat him as well, although Nasqr-icon.png Nasqr beat him more times. But Magikarp4000 retaliated by saying 'ok im noob, but you can even beat a noob lololol' and similar things and trying to not let him succeed in being toxic.

Nasqr-icon.png Nasqr acted like a troll alt and Magikarp4000 had asked if he was another player many times, but he always replied no. Despite that, Magikarp4000 had suspicions that he was another player, specifically BritishVDA, even though Nasqr never talked or acted like him.

Then, on 17/06/2020, Magikarp4000 really believed that he wasn't BritishVDA or anyone else. On that day in a spring-1 match Magikarp4000 impersonated and played as BritishVDA. In that match, he met a noname who he later found out was Nasqr-icon.png Nasqr. Magikarp4000 asked if he was BritishVDA once again, and as usual, Nasqr-icon.png Nasqr replied no. But at that time Magikarp4000 was playing and acting like BritishVDA. He thought Nasqr (the real BritishVDA) didn't know that he was Magikarp4000. Nasqr did not get surprised that someone else was playing as BritishVDA or anything, he continued talking and acting like he normally would. He completely didn't act like BritishVDA, and from then on, Magikarp believed that he wasn't an alt or BritishVDA.

Later in that day in another match, Magikarp4000 met BritishVDA and he told Magikarp4000 that he was actually Nasqr-icon.png Nasqr. Magikarp4000 is one of the few people who knows that Nasqr-icon.png Nasqr is BritishVDA, and if you're reading this, you now know too!

Events[edit | edit source]

Magikarp4000 originally started this battle, which started all other battles and the Ultimate Tournament

Magikarp4000 is contesting in this, and he is also a host of this. His battle in this was Battle of Turkishkarp4000

Friends[edit | edit source]

Curiosidades[edit | edit source]

  • Ele gosta de magikarp. (pls não mude isso para 'ele mesmo' de novo!)
  • He sometimes plays with ribbon and no sunglasses (girl outfit)
  • He likes anime
  • He likes Undertale, especially temmie
  • Sometimes he calls himself a noob
  • Sometimes he is peaceful to Japanballs

Splash[edit | edit source]


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