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BREAKING NEWS! The Movie is cancelled![edit | edit source]

  • Jet: is movie
  • Kugelnian: Da Kugeln Movehhh!!!!!
  • Mooish: NeSe'gnairgculr n'i
  • Skaospeak: Le funny ball gaem MOVING (NO CLICKIES, FREE DOWNLOAD)
  • Countryballian:Zzadt Kugeilin Moiveszhh
  • Sizzlian: Sizle Sizzle Sizzl Sezzl
  • Objectian: The Kugoiln.oio Moivie
  • English Simplified: The Ball I O Long thing that people on the third planet watch
  • German: Der Film
  • Icelandic: kvikmyndin
  • French: Le film
  • Russian: фильм
  • Serbian: Тхе К Мовие
  • Filmi
  • Ossetian: транскрипци кæлын кинематограф
  • Georgian: ფილმი
  • Korean: 영화
  • Kazakh: фильмі
  • Japanese: kugeln.io映画
  • Innish:
  • Chinese Traditional: kugeln.io電影
  • Chinese Simplified: kugeln.io电影
  • Malay: filem
  • Vietnamese: Bộ phim
  • Maori: Te Kiriata
  • Tamil: திரைப்படம்
  • Basque: filma
  • Amharic: ፊልም
  • Arabic: فيلم _____
  • Indonesian:film (
  • Albanian: filmi i
  • Greek: Η ταινία
  • Irish/Gaeilge: An scannan
  • Spanish: La pelicula/La pelicula de
  • ֆիլմը


It is an upcoming movie. Coming soon on Bay rondam's YouTube Channel, whenever he was done completing a movie. Soon. All funds from the movie will be donated for Coronavirus Treatment for entertainment.

Inspiration[edit | edit source]

Rondam Deceiver a.k.a Bay rondam had its own idea about his life from playing the game called since March 2020, and that is the momentary of the game after 3 years of lifespan. About his friends, he had his chance to plot a movie, telling himself that Rondam was going to be a protagonist and a main character. (However it doesn't seems to be perfect ideal some sort of stuff...)

This film is collaborated by[edit | edit source]

Plot (WIP) / storyline[edit | edit source]

One day on world, all the players having fun battling each other. In March 2020, The only one main and good character went aboard is Rondam Deceiver. He likes countryballs so much, so after that he went to met the other players his friends from other kind of places. Today, his will never gives up. So he and his friends went to adventure for their holiday. Later, when Rondam see some players that are communist, he wishes to be want into communist player. So he will find his master of the Communist party. Sonner or later, He fully can into communist player, but unfortunately the Kugeln War started when Rondam turned into a commie. His will might be in his heart and defeat the Noname Empire. By the power communism, they can easily defeat the Nonames...

The characters that will be played in this movie[edit | edit source]


Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Rondamdeceiver2-icon.png Rondam was going to be first thought this movie in April 2020, but delayed as he was still thinking that he had not enough friends.
  • His movie was on hiatus now due to his new movie creation.

Terms to be played this movie[edit | edit source]

  • Players will login
  • Reach 30+ levels
  • Pro players
  • 5+ Unlocked Achievements

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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