This is not about glitches, they already have their own page.

This is also a list of them, if you want to explain more, create a page about it and link it.

  • Propelling in water with Rocket Launcher
  • The Moon map does not have any pre-made craters
  • The winter map has more trees in the background than the actual map
  • says you MUST play with a mouse
  • When it says "Loading Balls" The Countryball is a different art to the rest.
  • There are two different sad eyes
  • When you splash a rocket into the water in makes a splash but no higher waves
  • When you fall into the water, you don't get killed by sharks but going to deep
  • You can go through the person controlling the machine gun.
  • When you break an object such as a tree, they go in the background.
  • The water is floating when you destroy a fire hydrant.
  • You cannot touch the plane but you can shoot it and the nukes on the map.
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